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Hello!  I’m Paul Faba, aka Pauly.  I provide personalized, engaging tasting events at the best venue suited for you and your guests.  I have a unique format that features a fun and professional, yet unpretentious method of expanding your wine horizons.

My wine events are a unique and exciting option for:
     - Luxury networking opportunities for your clients
          - Social mixers for your coworkers or employees
               - Interactive learning get-togethers with friends or family

I also provide consulting services for every level of wine distribution and marketing.  However, this site is geared for tastings and sharing snippets of fun wine knowledge as it pertains to my role as a buyer for Mega-Bev.

The best glass of wine
                       is the one in your hand!

Three Tasting Formats

Whether it's a presentation or a "taste at your own pace" structure, I walk your guests through a themed format that is fun and informative.  Parties are priced in group sizes of up to 10 and up to 20.  I supply the warm-up wine, 5-6 different wines based on the theme, and tasting sheets.  I even supply the stemware!  Make your event unique and memorable with a wine tasting with Pauly!

Guided Wine Tasting

$475-$750, per group of 10

I will host a fun, yet structured presentation of 6-8 wines on the theme of your choice – engaging your guests and encouraging discussion and participation.

Guests typically arrive up to 30 minutes in advance where they are greeted with a fun warm-up wine while mingling until everyone is in attendance. 

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Interactive Wine Tasting

$475-$750, per group of 10

This is just as informative as the Guided Tasting, except guests are not seated and are encouraged to mingle and socialize, pacing their flight at their leisure.

I’ll set up a tasting station in a convenient location with 6-8 wines and people walk through the wines at their own pace. As guests arrive they will also be welcomed with a warm up wine...

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Self Guided Packages

$350, per group of 10

Ever want to host your own wine party, but just needed a little help?

Or do you have a client or friend that loves wine and need something more unique and thoughtful than just a bottle of wine?

This package is a wine party in a box!  It follows the same format that I use and comes complete with warm-up wines, featured wines, tasting sheets and even presentation note to help you look like a pro...                  
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Pauly's Picks

With having to sample literally dozens of wine a week, I get put my 25 years of experience to work.  My focus is identifying wines of varietal and regional correctness that meet or exceed their price point.  That, and just finding some cool wines!  

Bang for the Buck

Whether it be killer house wines that over-deliver for $8-5, or the best values from Napa to Champagne, there are deals to be found. 

Cool Wines

Ever have a wine made from Portuguese varietals, grown in Argentina, a fermented as a still wine that is an awesome summer boat wine?  This is where to learn about those kind of finds. 

A Combination of Both

I got one for you - an Italian wine that takes Corvina and Cab and turns it into something that tastes like baby Amarone for half the price.  I love finding things like that...

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