There are plenty of “wine experts” online to tell you what you should like. And that’s where my philosophy deviates from most everyone in the industry.

I hold fast that YOU are the only expert on what you taste and what you like. My job is simply to navigate you to new, enjoyable wine experiences using a tried and true technique – side-by-side comparison, with a map and an open mind!

Pauly's Principles

>  You, and you alone, are the only true expert on what you taste

>  Wine is more than merely a beverage. Wine is a snapshot of what
     was happening in a specific vineyard in a specific place made by
      individuals who crafted it to be shared with others a world away.

>  The more you know, the more you know you don’t know

>  There is no room for pretentiousness in wine,
it’s just “smooshed” grapes!

>  Wine is always best shared with others

"The best glass of wine is the one in your hand!"

I have been involved in the wine industry for over 25 years, including worldwide sales, supply, and consulting. My breadth of experience and direct consumer engagement gives my clients a true industry-expert perspective.

I have shared my passion for wine with hundreds across West Michigan through my unique approach of not just tasting wine with clients, but providing true wine experiences.

These engaging, small group events are designed to encourage exploration and expression in a fun, unpretentious format. Guests learn not only about the wine, but the region and heritage behind it. More importantly, they deepen their awareness of other expressions of wine that might be aligned with their personal preferences.