Private Wine Events Made Easy!

Everyone likes to learn more about wine.  Make your next corporate or social event stand out!
Pauly makes wine approachable and event planning simple.

Here's how it works:
- You invite a group of up to 10 or up to 20
- You select the venue (your office, home, event space)
- You select the format best suited for your event (see below)

- You select the theme of the tasting (see below)

Pauly does the rest!

I provide a warm up wine as guests arrive.

I provide the featured wines

I print the tasting sheets

I bring the stemware

Three Fun Formats 


$475, $550, $750

I will host a fun, yet structured presentation of 6-8 wines on the theme of your choice – engaging your guests and encouraging discussion and participation.

Guests typically arrive up to 30 minutes in advance where they are greeted with a fun warm-up wine while mingling until everyone is in attendance.

Once everyone is in attendance, guests are seated and I lead them through a structured tasting in a presentation format.  Kinda like a wine seminar, where group engagement is encouraged.  

The tasting itself runs about 45 -60 minutes.  The event with warm-up, prestation, and wrap up lasts about 1.5-2 hours.

As mentioned, I supply the wine, tasting sheets. and stemware.  The difference in the pricing is as follows, with price-points of the wines going up with each tier:

$475, warm-up wine, 5 featured wines
$550, warm-up wine, 6 featured wines
$750, Champagne warm-up wine, 6 featured wines


$475, $550, $750

This is just as informative as the Guided Tasting, except guests are not seated and are encouraged to mingle and socialize, pacing their flight at their leisure.

I’ll set up a tasting station in a convenient location with 6-8 wines and people walk through the wines at their own pace. As guests arrive they will be welcomed with a warm-up wine.  When they are ready, they can come back to the table and move on to the next wine.

This format is exceptionally popular as a social mixer.  People are encouraged to talk about the wine with myself or others, but allows for staggered guest arrival and social mingling.

As mentioned, I supply the wine, tasting sheets. and stemware. The difference in the pricing is as follows, with price-points of the wines going up with each tier:

$475, warm-up wine, 5 featured wines
$550, warm-up wine, 6 featured wines
$750, Champagne warm-up wine, 6 featured wines



Want a host your own wine event like a Pro!? Or wan to gift a tasting to someone? Pauly to the rescue!

This package is the perfect gift for the client, relative, or friend who would love a wine tasting, but can never find the time.  This is basically a tasting kit in a box, but no Pauly!  

You pick the theme, and I’ll deliver the wine, tasting sheets, and even the MC tasting notes and tips. You get to try your hand at leading your troops in at a time and way that works for you.

Themes to Inspire

Wine is fun, or should be.  Don't be intimidated by it.  A well structured wine tasting should be engaging, informative, and unpretentious.  You should encouraged to expand your knowledge and explore new horizons. Check out Pauly's Principles and review just a fraction of the themes you can delve into.  Your guests will have a unique, fun experience, especially if they don't necessarily consider themselves a "wine person".  Wine is truly for everyone!

Pauly's Principles

>   You, and you alone, are the only true expert
      on what you taste.

>   Wine is more than merely a beverage. Wine is a
     snapshot of what was happening in a specific
     vineyard in a specific place made by
     individuals who crafted it to be shared with
     others a world away.

>   The more you know, the more you know you
      don’t know

>   There is no room for pretentiousness in wine
      – it’s just “smooshed” grapes!

>   Wine is always best shared with others

>   The best glass of wine is the one in
     your hand! 

Themes for novices to true enthusiasts

We will select a theme geared perfectly for the nature of your event.  Whether you want to WOW your guests with show-stoppers, or delve more deeply into a specific varietal, region, or winery - each tasting will steal the conversation at the office the next day!  You can even schedule monthly or bi-monthly tastings to build momentum.  Here is just a sampling some of the tastings I've hosted:

>  Basic Flavor Profiles 101
>  Classic Wines of Europe
>  The Essentials of Italy
>  Classics of Cali
>  I HATE Merlot; No You Don't! (Cab vs Merlot)
>  South of the Equator
>  One Varietal, 6 Regions
>  Off the Beaten Path Regions and Varietals
>  Big Reds
> Que Syrah, Shiraz
> Or whatever you want to learn more about!

Let's Schedule a Tasting!

Call me direct or fill out the form below and I will be happy answer any questions you may have at your convenience.  You will definitely impress your guests and have a blast!

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